Mobile Phone JTAG’ing industry Leader

ORT JTAG is a advanced JTAG Programmer / Multibrand JTAG Tool lets you to work with the wide range of devices with the JTAG interface  and the main intended purpose of the ORT JTAG is repairing / recovering dead boot of the devices such as mobile phones , smart phones , modems , and other electronic devices where you can access through JTAG interface . 


You can find any device’s pinout with JTAG port available with JTAG Finder in only few minutes .

JTAG Pin Finder :

You have 30 I/O [Inputs / Outpus] where you can scan 30 pins at a time !

Specifications :

  • USB 2.0
  • 30 I/O’s
  • 1.8V ~~ 5.0V

eMMC Pro Box
suports ISP operations enables users to directly recover the complete data without removing the chip ( eMMC , eMCP ,etc.. ) That being said it is a a new universal high-speed eMMC device programmer designed for low-level operations and intended for professionals.

NAND Pro for iPhone/iPad  :

NAND Pro is a high speed programmer for repairing / programming / reading / upgrading iPhone and iPad NAND / ICs Chips.  Advanced hardware repair with NAND Pro requires you to be proficient in NAND IC removal (chip-off) from the Device logic board , once removed you can read / write / repair the NAND IC using NAND Pro hardware and software with the supports of 32 bits and 64 bits NAND ICs

eMMC Socket

Precise Connectivity 

eMMC Socket Provides precise connectivity between your eMMC Box Hardware and eMMC IC’s allows you to read and write eMMC Chips with Chip-off method eMMC Socket is final product of long years of research and development and engineered for the best experience with best performance .